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Predicting the future isn’t magic, it’s artificial intelligence

Dave Water

Crystal van Oosterom

AI Venture Partner



Crystal is an AI Venture Partner at OpenOcean, having successfully contributed to AI startup ventures, the implementation of AI in global organizations and as an advisor to several AI companies. Crystal spear-headed the flagship product at Tractable, a pioneering computer vision unicorn, taking the lead from R&D through to go-to-market. Within 4 years, she launched the product in more than ten countries and grew it from $0.25m to $40m ARR. With a background in economics and theoretical physics, Crystal also helped leading corporations implement AI initiatives at McKinsey across various industries, including consumer goods, entertainment, aviation, real estate and professional services. Her passion lies in assisting AI founders in translating their research into valuable real-world applications and making a tangible impact. She has 10 AI patents and a further dozen pending.

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Portfolio Spotlight: Operations1

We are thrilled to share the story of Operations1, a company that revolutionises industrial operations with a user-friendly digital platform for work instructions, enabling companies to achieve operational excellence, improve quality and reduce costs.
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Our investment into Purple Dot

We are excited to back Purple Dot, a London-based pre-ordering and waiting list platform.
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From AI Surge to Unicorns: The State of Enterprise Automation in 2023

Our Enterprise Automation Map 2023 offers an extensive overview of the ever-expanding landscape of enterprise automation software, featuring a selection of over 810 enterprise automation companies, boasting valuations exceeding $100M.