A uniquely positioned thematic investor with over two decades of experience of building and investing in European category leaders

Our thesis

Scaling technical, data-driven startups from Europe to global category leadership


OpenOcean invests in next generation disruptive automation technologies, which enable increased enterprise efficiencies that are core for their long-term survival. Our focus is on intuitive and low-friction vertical or functional solutions that promote enterprise efficiency by streamlining operations and automating operations.

Portfolio companies

AI & data infrastructure

We are passionate about game-changing data infrastructure technologies, including AI, quantum computing, AIOps and API infrastructures, that enable enterprises to solve new, complex, and real world problems. Our investments aim to provide these solutions at reasonable costs via flexible and streamlined solutions that are user-friendly and effortless to integrate.

Portfolio companies

Future of Software Development

We support category-defining products that empower software engineers to transform enterprises into software-first businesses. Our focus is on horizontal software solutions that excel at solving targeted problems better than any other available solution. We invest in teams that are developing building blocks for platforms, with a special emphasis on enterprise clients. These building blocks include next-generation cybersecurity, compute-ready versions of the physical web, and scalable solutions for deploying robotics and autonomous systems.

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We are committed to a future where businesses prioritise environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles. We believe startups that embrace ESG practices will shape a more sustainable future and reap numerous benefits. From attracting and retaining employees, to making better business decisions, using resources more efficiently to securing future financing, and reducing legal risks, the advantages of ESG are evident.

Portfolio companies

In short

Our investment thesis

We are experienced technical investors driven by data

The modern world is experiencing a surge in data, which holds the potential to revolutionise industries and create new opportunities. Our investments target companies that harness this data to create products that optimise processes, personalise offerings, and deliver exceptional customer experiences across multiple industries. This leads to improved competitiveness, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, contributing to a sustainable data-centric society.

We are entrepreneurs and engineers at heart investing in our fields of expertise

We invest in technologies with a focus on disruptive data solutions originating in Europe as we believe this is where we can add real value from our deep technical, commercial and historical expertise. Our ideal investments are led by founders who understand their customers, possess a viable and user-friendly product with strong user engagement, and demonstrate large unmet demand in the market. Our initial investments range from €2-6m, with additional capital available for the best performers via follow-on capital. As a true valued partner, we support our teams from initial investment including optimization of business strategy, design processes, and connecting them with prospects, partners, press, and investors.

We believe in the power of data to build a wiser world

We believe that data has the power to advance diversity, sustainability, and fairer outcomes for all and we partner with founders who share this outlook. This drives not only better decision-making and predictions for businesses, but also positive ESG outcomes for society as a whole.

Our core values

Backing every decision with data

Measuring what matters

We are a unified, data-driven team of analytical individuals with STEM backgrounds. Having founded and funded many businesses in the data economy. We seek to quantify our reasoning with data.

Diversity brings returns

Diversity & Inclusion is at our heart and is championed by our own multicultural and multinational team, and that of our portfolio companies.

Fostering transparency

We are driven by a shared passion for open-source technologies and a commitment to fostering transparency in our dealings. We are an enthusiastic, compassionate, and realistic team – our open, direct, and transparent approach allows us to form strong partnerships with the founders we work with.