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If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.

Muhammad Ali

Sri Ayangar

Investment Associate



Sri is our Investment Associate based out of OpenOcean's London team and has start-up and venture capital experience. Prior to OpenOcean, he was an investor at Force Over Mass Capital, an early-stage venture capital fund in London with his main focus on SaaS and deep tech investments across Europe. Some of his previous investments include BlockchainTP, Sprinque, and Tangent Works which have collectively raised more than $100m+. Sri studied at University College London, majoring in Chemistry, and has a Master's Degree in Nanotechnology with a focus on Computational Chemistry. He was also actively involved in a student organization called UCL Entrepreneurs where he was the President and was responsible for running multiple programs such as Bloomsbury Venture Capital Fund and Bloomsbury Startup Accelerator.

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Our investment into Purple Dot

We are excited to back Purple Dot, a London-based pre-ordering and waiting list platform.
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From AI Surge to Unicorns: The State of Enterprise Automation in 2023

Our Enterprise Automation Map 2023 offers an extensive overview of the ever-expanding landscape of enterprise automation software, featuring a selection of over 810 enterprise automation companies, boasting valuations exceeding $100M.
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OpenOcean x Oxford's Saïd Business School: Why We Created O³, Startup Insights Platform

OpenOcean, in partnership with Oxford's Saïd Business School, has launched O³, an open-access startup insights platform aimed at fostering a data-driven startup ecosystem. Historically, the tech industry has struggled with transparency, leading policymakers, investors, and startups to base decisions on partial information. O³ addresses this gap by providing comprehensive data about startups, their technologies, market strategies, and more. This collaboration of Saïd Business School's research with OpenOcean's know-how offers unmatched insights for evaluating startups and understanding market shifts.